Have an alarm set of in case of an emergency

A phone alarm that breaks through your 'Do Not Disturb' is triggered from your personal page. TheĀ alarm has to be confirmed by a phone call to reduce false alarms.

Trigger alarm by email and webhook too

Alarms are triggered from your personal page, but also by receiving an email at a personal secret email address or by connecting to one of your webhooks.

Do Not Disturb, But Do (In Case of Emergency)

Feel at peace while having your phone in DND mode. You are reachable in case of an emergency. Disturge has opted for low tech, you just need to have phone reception. Just make sure disturge is allowed to break through DND. By adding the number to a new contact and enable "Emergency Bypass" when selecting a ringtone or by adding the number to your favourites and allow them to break through DND.

Add disturge to your home screen